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The best car seat for your baby

Trying to find the best car seat for your baby? Getting frustrated by the seemingly endless amount of choices? And ev...

Car seat groups explained

Understand the difference between car seat groups and know which one fits to your needs.

What if my baby's feet touch the back of the vehicle seat?

This is one of the first comments new parents make when presented with a rearward facing car seat. Even more so if th...

Dreading the car ride with your little one?

How to keep your little one entertained in his seat You’re all prepared for a ride with your little one. You’ve inst...

How to properly strap your child in the seat

Research has shown that a large majority of parents doesn’t strap their baby in the seat correctly. Many people think...

Car accident forces explained

Last blog we talked about different types of car accidents and how everything inside the car travels towards the poin...

Types of car accidents

Car accidents exist in many forms. Not one accident is like the other, the point of impact can be all around the car,...

How can I tell if my safety seat is installed correct?

Various research throughout different parts of the world has shown that a majority of car seats are installed incorre...

Car seat installation options

Belted or ISOFIX There are 2 types of installation options when it comes to fixing your car seat in your car. Belted...

Rearward facing car seats

Why is rearward facing so important? At Britax, we believe that children should travel rear-facing for as long as p...
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Britax car seat overview

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