The best car seat for your baby

Trying to find the best car seat for your baby? Getting frustrated by the seemingly endless amount of choices? And even more frustrated when they all claim to be the best? How can every single brand produce the best car seat? Surely one must be better than the other, right?!


Everybody can find a factory where they make car seats. You attach your brand to the product and write a marketing story claiming to have the best car seat and there you go, that’s how we reach today’s situation. From the outside nobody can check the actual quality of these seats. And the only way for you to test them is in a situation you try your utmost to avoid. So how to decide which brand actually to trust and which ones to take with a grain of salt?

First of all: Use your gut instinct!

Does this brand sell a lot of different products and are car seats just one of many categories? Then you already know they don’t manufacture their own products, but rely on 3rd party manufacturers to supply them. This means the brand itself does not have any knowledge when it comes to these products. They merely find a factory for the supply and sell it to customers in order to make a profit. They are not working on improving their product. No, they are working on improving their brand! The more products the brand covers, the bigger the brand is and the more trustworthy it seems. Don’t be fooled: They are specialists in building a brand, not specialists in building the product.

“But there are certifications proving that these car seats are tested and approved!” I hear you say. Yes, certifications are given to those products that fall within a certain testing bandwidth. That just means that these products comply with basic safety requirements. No extra efforts or measurements are taken beyond that.

Second: Price does matter!

A car seat of 5,000 Rs. and a car seat of 25,000 Rs. will have a difference in quality! Just because you can’t see it with your eyes, doesn’t mean that your child will not feel it when sitting in it. We often hear the reason “We don’t use a car seat because my baby doesn’t like to sit in it”. That’s probably because the seat is uncomfortable. It doesn’t correctly support the baby’s fragile body, leaving the baby in discomfort. But since he is too small to express this clearly, he will just cry and cry until you relieve him of this pain.  

Last but not least: Yes, car seats are expensive. But that’s also because they are meant to protect your most valuable possession! Why save 10,000 Rs. or 20,000 Rs. if that puts your baby in possible danger? Besides, the costs after a car accident are going to be a lot higher when your baby was in a low quality seat. Don’t try to save money on your child’s safety, instead save yourself some stress and buy a car seat from an established specialist in the market.

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