What if my baby's feet touch the back of the vehicle seat?

This is one of the first comments new parents make when presented with a rearward facing car seat. Even more so if the rearward facing car seat features an anti-rebound bar like our convertible Dualfix car seat.

Let me first go into what this rebound bar actually does and why this premium car seat features one. “Rebound” the word itself means “The reactive motion in the opposite direction of the impact”. Just like you were taught in science class “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. By using this anti rebound bar on a car seat, the rebound motion is reduced by up to 40%, helping to stabilize your child’s car seat during a crash. The anti-rebound bar allows the vehicle seatback to absorb the energy of the crash, while also limiting the movement of your child during rebound.

It’s a very useful nifty little piece of technique that engineers specially designed to decrease as much injury as possible to your child. It certainly is not there to cause any extra harm to your little one.

As for the fact that your child’s feet touch the back of the seat, this is really not something to worry about. There are no documented cases of children breaking their legs, hips or feet due to being in a rear-faced car seat and touching the vehicles seat. And even if that would already happen, then you can imagine that the force your child went through in order to break a bone must have been quite strong. The effects of that force would have a way more severe impact had your child been not been seated in his car seat. A leg is far easier to cast than a broken neck or ruptured spinal cords.

So don’t worry about these minor details. Trust that the companies who have grown big in researching, producing and selling car seats worldwide are striving to do better every day.  Trust that those millions of other people worldwide who bought these seats are not wrong in doing so. Trust that they too have done their research because they too want what’s best for their children. Car seats are designed and developed by people, by parents. Trust that everybody involved in this entire chain wants nothing else than protecting young, innocent children on the road from harm.

Give yourself peace of mind and make the obvious choice. Use a car seat.

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