BABY-SAFE infant carrier (Wine Rose)

Product image 145 Degrees angled Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Wine Rose
Product image 2Right side view of the Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Wine Rose
Product image 3Left side view of the Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Wine Rose
Product image 445 Degrees angled Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Wine Rose
Product image 5Front view of the Baby-Safe Infant Carrier Wine Rose

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Lightweight and comfortable

The BABY-SAFE means that portability doesn't have to come with a compromise. Its clever design builds smart safety and cocooning comfort into a lightweight shell.


Comfortably secure

Little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes directly looking into the camera while strapped into the 5-point safety harness of a Britax car seat

The BABY-SAFE provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby when you’re on the go. The softly padded side wings cocoon your baby in a protective shell, while the head support and integrated cushion ensure a comfortable fit and a natural lying position for small babies. You can also remove the cushion to provide more space as your baby grows.


Versatility and convenience

Light and easy to use, the BABY-SAFE gives you complete versatility and convenience, letting you move quickly and easily between car and pushchair. In the car it can be installed either with the car’s 3-point seat belt or on our BABY-SAFE ISOFIX BASE or BABY-SAFE BELTED BASE and, with the CLICK & GO® adapters provided, it can be fitted on any Britax pushchair.


Britax Baby-Safe Travel System and Baby-Safe on base

Features of the Baby-Safe

Softly padded head support
Britax baby-safe softly padded head support black

Our softly padded head support keeps your child’s head in a comfortable position. It also ensures a natural and ergonomic lying position with an integrated cushion in the back area of the child. As your baby grows, you can remove the cushion to provide extra space.


Deep, protective side wings
Baby in rearward facing car seat with white large protective side wings pointing up to the sky

Our soft, padded side wings act as a protective cocoon that helps to absorb the force from a side impact, reducing the risk of injuries to your child.


Adjustable handle

Blue Baby-Safe with black carrying handle pushed back to prevent the seat from rockingThe adjustable handle allows you to easily move it to the back and place your child in the infant carrier. Simply press the buttons on each side of the handle to unlock and move it. When the carrier is placed on the floor, we recommend folding the handle back completely to prevent rocking.


5-point harness

5-point harness system of Britax car seats highlightedWe believe a 5-point harness is the safest way to secure your child in a car seat because it keeps your child safe and tight in the seat’s protective shell. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes the forces of the impact across 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one where the harness buckles between the legs. This helps to protect your child from all directions of impact.


Removable cover 

Hand in the process of removing the cover of the Britax Baby-SafeThings can get pretty messy on the road. Drinks can spill and children can get car sick. That’s why we designed a machine washable seat cover that can easily be taken off without removing the harness, so you can clean up quick and get on your way.


Sun canopy
UPF 50+ hood of the Britax Baby-Safe

The sun canopy offers protection for your child from the sun (UPF 50+) and wind both in the car and on the pushchair




Rearward facing installation
 Group  0+
Dimensions (H x W x D)
57 x 44 x 65 cm
3.9 kg
Side view dimensions of the Britax Baby-Safe Cosmos Black Front view dimensions of the Britax Baby-Safe Cosmos Black


Installation of the Baby-Safe infant carrier

On base

For those moments when your baby is fast asleep and you need to either take them out or put them in the car without disturbing them, you’ll really appreciate our infant carrier bases. While the base is fitted in the car, you can easily attach or remove the infant carrier with one simple click, without hassle and without disturbing your baby. 


This child car seat can be installed with the car's 3-point seat belt. This option is handy if you will be transferring the car seat to different cars which may not all have ISOFIX anchorage points. Seat belt guides on the car seat will help you install the seat correctly. 

Aircraft approved

When it comes to air travel, our car seats and infant carriers provide your little one with protection and comfort for the trip. Before boarding any plane with your child, please ask for our list of aircraft approved car seats to see if your car seat is certified for air travel. Some of our car seats are approved for installation with an aircraft’s seat belt, while others may require an additional aircraft fitting kit. Please contact the airline for further information.


Travel System


 On pushchair

On busy days when you and your baby are out and about in the car, you can make the day go smoother by using the infant carrier on a pushchair. Simply take the infant carrier with your baby out of the car and securely click it onto the pushchair – and you’re ready to go. All Britax Römer infant carriers can be fitted on any Britax pushchair with our CLICK & GO® adapters, plus they are also compatible with other leading brand’s pushchairs. Some adapters are available as an accessory from Britax Römer, while others can be purchased from the pushchair manufacturer.

Britax Baby-Safe Cosmos Black mounted on pushchair making it into a complete travelsystem

On base

Britax Baby-Safe Infant Carrier on Britax Baby-Safe ISOFIX base

Our infant carriers can also be used on one of our bases for an easy and secure installation. The base remains installed in the car while the infant carrier simply clicks on and off the base as you need it. The BABY-SAFE and BABY-SAFE PLUS SHR II can be used on either the BABY-SAFE ISOFIX BASE or the BABY-SAFE BELTED BASE. The ISOFIX BASE is fixed to the car’s ISOFIX anchorage points, while the BELTED BASE is installed with the car’s 3-point seat belt. 


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