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Protecting children on the road since 1966

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At Britax Römer we ensure that parents and their children are safe on the road. The company has been fully committed to this goal since it first manufactured safety equipment and accessories for cars in the early 1930s. Since the development of Britax Römer’s first child car seat in 1966, child safety has been our number one priority. For more than 50 years no costs and efforts have been spared to provide even more safety for little ones. Today, Britax Römer develops and manufactures child car seats, pushchairs and bike seats with 90% of our child car seats and bike seats being “Made in Germany” or “Made in Britain”.


Made in Europe

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With our strong German and British heritage, Britax Römer is committed to manufacturing in Europe. In 2016 we moved to our new custom built headquarters in Leipheim, Germany. This new facility enables us to produce 90% of our car seats and all our bike seats in Germany or Great Britain.


Made with care

Sewing machine in the process of placing stitches on a Britax car seat

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality products to our customers, going far beyond the legal standards for purity and cleanliness. From rigorous independent testing at multiple stages during manufacture, to minimum requirements that go far beyond the legislative guidelines, to the strict quality control standards we set for every partner we work with. The efforts we have made in this area over the past few years have been recognised by consumer tests such as Stiftung Warentest in Germany, where we continually receive the highest ratings in the chemicals category.


Tested to the highest standards

Britax Römer own in-house testing facility with yellow car and Britax Romer logo on a backdrop

At Britax Römer, maintaining the highest safety standard possible is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we’ve pioneered in-house dynamic testing and operate two world class facilities for car seats in Europe, and in 2017 launched one of the most modern and technically advanced crash test centres for child car seats worldwide.

Every pushchair model is tested extensively for various climate, temperature, weather and road conditions; squeaking and even a “bite” test on the bumper bar. In addition, we also set high restrictions to more than 500 chemicals carrying out tests by independent test laboratories according to our general test protocol, which covers all legal requirements such as REACH.
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