Why a car seat?

As a new parent we immediately feel the incredible responsibility of keeping our children safe and happy and we want to give them everything they need. We feel we owe it to them as we are the ones that decided they should be in our lives, to form the family we so much long for. As a consequence we do everything we can in our daily life to provide the best for our little ones.

Toddler standing upright, holding on to a Britax stroller outside in a parkWe feed them, clean them and basically go through every day with our babies in the back of our mind. Our whole lives revolve around their wellbeing and their ability to develop into a fullgrown human adult that one day can appreciate, acknowledge and return all the love and attention we gave them.

In short, we all strive to be parents that do whatever it takes in order to ensure our kids have a bright future ahead. We, Britax, like to assist you in that goal, as there are certain times throughout life that you will need the help. 


Car seats have been around since the ‘60s and have undergone thorough research and development ever since. From what started as simple cushioned boxes, developed into highly advanced seats that can protect our small children in the heaviest of accidents.

Baby lying in a very early Britax car seat One of the first Britax car seats, developed in the '60s

There is a lot of information available on the internet and even more information being spread through word of mouth. Unfortunately, not all of this information is always correct.

However, trust that the companies who have grown big in researching, producing and selling car seats worldwide are striving to do better every day.  Trust that those millions of other people worldwide who bought these seats are not wrong in doing so. Trust that they too have done their research because they too want what’s best for their children. Car seats are designed and developed by people, by parents. Trust that everybody involved in this entire chain wants nothing else than protecting young, innocent children on the road from harm.

The value of this product obviously only shows in a scenario that we all want to avoid, but any accident, no matter how big or small, is never intentional. If you cannot with a 100% certainty guarantee that each time you drive on the road, you won’t have an accident, then you too should consider taking precautionary measures. Not just for your baby, but for your friends and family as a whole. Because the injury of a child directly affects everybody around them.

Give yourself peace of mind and make the obvious choice. Use a car seat.

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